San Diego, CA

Who's Phuoc?

I'm just a regular guy from San Diego, CA but lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel the world. Some things that I enjoy:

  • - Investing in the markets
  • - Finding patterns in data
  • - Programming (Python/PHP)
  • - Learning new things
  • - Playing with my French bulldog

It's About Time!

My blog documenting my journey to fat FIRE. I talk about all things financial, investing, and retirement planning.


It's one of the few art forms I can reasonably do. Once in a while I even get a good picture. But it's something I enjoy.


Travel allows me to meet new people, see new things, and acquire new experiences. I can cheaply or luxuriously. :-)


I love discovering new recipes and figuring out how to tweak it to my needs. My specialty is to discover cooking shortcuts.

The first decade of the millenium had me starting a professional job. Less than 18 months after that came 9/11 and saw me buying my first house in an effort to help out the economy. A new normal emerged until we saw one of the biggest economic calamity in recent times.

A new decade brought a change for me professionally. I worked with the same group of people, but in a completely new capacity. I learned a lot and gained many new useful experiences. I also spent a year working as an ex-pat in Paris, an experience I will always treasure.

More changes at work and big changes personally. There were complicated, multi-year projects that had me flying every week. I was really racking up the miles. I got married, bought a bigger house, and made plans for the future.

More professional changes brought on by a retirement but also with it new responsbilities and team mates. More personal changes that was emotionally draining, but brought with it a renewed focus at re-discovering myself, evaluating what's really important and more looking forward.